Homemade pesto

Yum! That photo, right? Pesto should always look, and taste (but you don’t know yet!) like that! It is incredible! I don’t want to buy pesto in the supermarket ever again. I know… Continue reading

Balinese tea

So, yes, Balinese tea. You may think this isn’t a ‘real’ recipe, but when I tasted this, sitting in the open air on an already warm morning in Bali, I decided to share… Continue reading

Spinach and pata negra salad

This is absolutely amazing, fantastic, tasteful and so good! I want to eat this many many many more times. The combination of the ingredients here is unbelievably good. I totally recommend all of… Continue reading

Beet and goat cheese salad

Oh my. This salad. Is amazing. I don’t know what’s the thing lately with the salads, but they are so good! You need to make this and be astonished just like I was.… Continue reading

Fruit crumble

Fast. Easy. Delicious. When you’d like to eat something nice, but you can’t spend much time in the kitchen and you can’t go to the supermarket…. make this! You’ll probably have most of… Continue reading

Poached egg and avocado sandwich

Do you see it? Yes? This tastes so good! I’m telling you that it is a weekend breakfast, but actually… for breakfast, for lunch, it really doesn’t matter. You will eat this with… Continue reading

Rosemary and thyme-camembert dip

JUM! If you are looking for an amazing looking (“Oh my! That looks good!”), warm, melting, bubbling, delicious smelling dip, I want you to know that this is a very good one. And… Continue reading

Pasta salad with olives and sundried tomatoes

The first time we tasted this recipe was almost 10 years ago. The mother of a friend of us made this all the time for her sons because they liked it so much.… Continue reading

Peach Galettes

As we said in our previous post, we were looking forward to autumn food. We had some lovely peaches and then the idea came up for a lovely dessert: peach galetes with spices… Continue reading