Rocket and walnut pesto

There is nothing better than making your own food. Homemade instead of store bought. The difference is so clearly when making a pesto like this. That new, just created flavour: it’s amazing. This time… Continue reading

M’s cinnamon rolls

Things were quite busy past weeks. I’ve been to Stockholm for a week, then to Toronto for a week and now my second semester has started. Full power. And off course I want… Continue reading

Cake with blueberries

Oh yes! Ladies and gentleman! I have got to tell you something! This recipe is amazing! This cake. Oh my! I swear! Please make this at home and be as astonished as we… Continue reading

Chocolate covered chocolate chip cookies

Yeah.. Did you just read the title? Unbelievable right! Like: double, double, double! Because there aren’t just chocolate chips in there, there are brown ánd white chocolate chips in those cookies! And then… Continue reading


Have you ever eaten a scone that is just so light and puffed up that you almost can’t believe it? Well, this is one of them! If you have ever read one of… Continue reading

Toast with cottage cheese

For today a really really easy recipe! I ate it for breakfast, and it was so good! Then I thought, why not sharing it with you when I like it so much? That… Continue reading


So this was my killer breakfast. Really. I ate it all and I was a 100% ready for the day. Some mornings, you want to have something different for breakfast. Not a sandwich,… Continue reading


So here it is! The recipe I told you about in my previous post. Also made with my little sister, with so much love, you could really taste that! I mean it (:… Continue reading

Rosemary focaccia

Whether this is for a snack, a starter or basis for anything you like, this focaccia is the one you need. It’s quite neutral, but tasteful. It’s salty and crunchy. It’s good. M… Continue reading