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Blueberry pancakes

Mmm! What better way to start your weekend day than with blueberry pancakes for breakfast? I love to take my time to prepare something like this. Or another breakfast. Getting up early (not… Continue reading

Banana granola

Happy Valentines day! I hope you all have a day filled with love, kisses, hugs and cosiness inside? If not, I’m sending you virtual hugs all the way from my apartment in Amsterdam.… Continue reading

Toast with cottage cheese

For today a really really easy recipe! I ate it for breakfast, and it was so good! Then I thought, why not sharing it with you when I like it so much? That… Continue reading


So this was my killer breakfast. Really. I ate it all and I was a 100% ready for the day. Some mornings, you want to have something different for breakfast. Not a sandwich,… Continue reading

Poached egg and avocado sandwich

Do you see it? Yes? This tastes so good! I’m telling you that it is a weekend breakfast, but actually… for breakfast, for lunch, it really doesn’t matter. You will eat this with… Continue reading

Cranberry scones

It looks like autumn is passing away. The leaves are gone, the beautiful colours outside are gone, it’s getting really cold.. But we still like to make something that gives us the flavours… Continue reading