Toast with cottage cheese

toastFor today a really really easy recipe! I ate it for breakfast, and it was so good! Then I thought, why not sharing it with you when I like it so much? That it’s easy to make, that you only need 3 ingredients and that it actually isn’t a recipe, doesn’t matter, right? Because the thing with this dish is just getting it all together. That’s all! Composing the ingredients, and hello breakfast or lunch!

I have my own cress growing here in the kitchen. And it’s growing like weeds. Literally. I have sown it like a week ago and now they are really big! I think I have to eat them now with everything to use it all. But! It’s nice to grown your own vegetables or herbs. You can follow the growing, it’s smells nice, you can cook with fresh picked ingredients.. Yes! That’s what I like! I can definetely recommend it!

You may think, what makes this cracker with cottage cheese and cress so special. Well, I don’t know actually. I was surprised when I ate it. Is was so crunchy (make sure you take a really crunchy cracker! You can not believe how much difference that makes!), fresh, light and delicious. No more can I say. Shall we take a look to the, not really, recipe for this healthy dish?

Toast with cottage cheese and cress
yield: 2 toasts, 1 person

2 crackers of your choise
3 tbs cottage cheese
2 small bunches cress
freshly ground pepper
pinch of salt

We are starting by taking our crackers. On top of each you put 1,5 tbs cottage cheese (or more if you like so). Add freshly ground pepper and salt. Then finish by cutting of a bunch of cress and place this on top of your cracker with cottage cheese. And you’re done! How quick!