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So this was my killer breakfast. Really. I ate it all and I was a 100% ready for the day.

Some mornings, you want to have something different for breakfast. Not a sandwich, not a bowl of yoghurt with muesli, no french toast(what!?), no pancakes (i know, I’m out of my mind..) just something different. And eggs then can be the solution. And you can eat eggs in so many ways, I know, but let’s just focus on one today: the omelet.
And then again, omelettes can vary too. I think there are more than 1000 kinds? But today this is the one for you! A lovely spinach, mushroom, peas and mint omelet!

The combination of those ingredients is insane. Crispy and spicy mushrooms, soft peas, still ‘crunchy’ spinach, silky eggs and fresh mint. Sounds good, right?

Omelet with spinach, mushrooms, peas and mint.
yield: 1 omelet

handful of spinach
handful of mushrooms
2 tbs peas
2 eggs
2 tbs milk
salt and pepper
chili flakes
a few fresh mint leaves, broken

Preheat your skillet. Pour in 1 tbs of olive oil and let this warm up. Add your mushrooms with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some chili flakes. Let them bake until crispy. Add your peas. Take out half of the mushrooms and peas after a few minutes.
Mix your eggs and milk and pour this in your skillet. Add the mushrooms and peas you took out and push your spinach leaves into your egg mixture so that they are half in half out of it. Add some more salt and pepper and chili flakes and your mint leaves.
Cover the pan and let it cook for about 10 minutes or until the egg mixture has set.
It then is ready to eat, with or without some bread on the side.