Balinese tea

photo 1So, yes, Balinese tea.

You may think this isn’t a ‘real’ recipe, but when I tasted this, sitting in the open air on an already warm morning in Bali, I decided to share this with you. It is full of spices that make a lovely combination. Together with breakfast, for afternoon tea or after dinner, this is the one.

I used to think that tea with these kind of flavours are perfectly suited for autumn days. You know thoses days, that are cold, the wind is blowing hard, leaves are falling off and all you want is to sit inside, on the couch, a blanket wrapped around you and a hot cup of tea full of spices with its fragrances in your hands.

But as I experienced, this tea is also delicious to drink on warm days. All I can do is conclude that this tea is good for everyone, everywhere and on every moment.

Balinese tea.

1 tsp Saffran
1 stick Cinnamon
3 Ster anijs
5 Kruidnagel
3 camphor seeds

Put all of the ingredients into a tea pot or tea bag. Pour warm water on top. Stir a few times and take out the spices if preferred.