Beet and goat cheese salad

photo 4Oh my. This salad. Is amazing. I don’t know what’s the thing lately with the salads, but they are so good! You need to make this and be astonished just like I was.

Beet and goat cheese is a golden combination. They are just perfect together. They are the sun and the moon, alternating by flavour, but belonging to each other. Allright, now I’ll stop talking about how fantastic this is and give you the information.

This is a salad has a basis of rocket salad and spinach. On top roasted beet, avocado, caramelised walnuts and fresh goat cheese. Beside the beets and walnuts this salad is made in a few minutes. For the beets you need to peel and roast them, and the walnuts need to be caramelised and rested to harden. And than the dressing! I haven’t mentioned that one yet. It is a delicious, fresh, lemon-yoghurt dressing. Drizzle it over and it combines with the sweet of the beets and walnuts, the sharpness of the rocket salad and the creaminess of the goat cheese.

Beet and goat cheese salad
4 servings

200 gr spinach
200 gr rocket salad
100 gr fresh, soft goat cheese
2 avocado’s
2 big beets, peeled and pre-cooked
2 handfuls walnuts
2 tbs sugar
1 lemon
3 tbs yoghurt
salt and pepper