Poached egg and avocado sandwich


Do you see it? Yes? This tastes so good! I’m telling you that it is a weekend breakfast, but actually… for breakfast, for lunch, it really doesn’t matter. You will eat this with a big smile on your face. As you can imagine. A thick slice of dark brown bread. Crispy rucola and spring onions. Soft, creamy avocado. Hot chili peppers. A warm, gooey poached egg. And all topped with some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Do I need to say more? Lets get over to the recipe, shall we?

Poached egg and avocado sandwich
yield: 1 individual sandwich

1 thick slice dark brown bread
1/2 avocado
1/4 chilipepper
1/4 spring onion
handful of rucola
1 big egg
some sea salt
some freshly ground black pepper
some good quality olive oil

Take a medium sized casserole-type pan and bring water to a light simmer. Cut your avocado, chillipepper and onions into small slices. Take your (make sure it is thick, that will make this breakfast/lunch even better!) slice of bread and place this on a plate. Rub the top with some olive oil and place your rucola on top. Take your avocado and put the slices across your sandwich.
Now change your attention to the water. We are going to poach our egg! Add a pinch of salt to the water and crack your egg into a cup. Take a fork and start stirring along the edges of the pan. You need to create a swirl with a center where we are going to put the egg in. Now gently, but in a fluid movement, put the egg in and let the swirl do the job. The water will circle around your egg, what will prevent it from going apart. The eggwhite will slowly coagulate, as we try to keep the water to it’s simmer and keep an eye on the swirl (which needs to continue). After a few minutes, depending on the temperature and the size of your egg, your egg will be ready. Around 2 minutes for a soft poached egg and 4 minutes for a firm one. Now carefully take your egg out with a slotted spoon. You can dry it off with some kitchen paper and then put it on top of your sandwich. Sprinkle over the chillipepper and onions, some drops of olive oil and finish with some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. It’s done! Serve immediately and pay attention to the part when you cut in your egg. Who!