Pasta carbonara













A delicious meal. When you don’t have much time to cook, but want to eat something nice!
Make this with a small salad and everybody will love you with this dinner!

Makes 5 portions.

You need:
4 small shallots
1 tsp olive oil
4 eggs
4 tbs heavy cream
1 cup parmesan cheese
500 g spaghetti
500 g bacon / pancetta
fresh black pepper
What to do:
Bring a big pan with water to a boil, and add a little pinch of salt.
Heat a sauce pan with 1 tbs olive oil. Add the bacon / pancetta, and cook them untill they are lightly browned.
Now add your pasta to the boiling water.
Add the onions to the bacon / pancetta, and let it cook for an other 3 minutes or until the onions and bacon are fully cooked and crispy.
Whisk, in the meantime, the eggs, heavy cream and parmesan together. Season it with a good amount of freshly ground pepper.
When your pasta is cooked, drain it.
(Off the heat) Add your bacon / pancetta and onions to the pasta. Then add your egg mixture to the pasta as well. Stir! (make sure it’s off the heat: you don’t want to have scrambled eggs!)
Devide it over your plates, and