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Coffee Walnut cake

Happy Birthday Daddy! And hi again to you! Past week was extremely busy. It felt like a never ending day filled with a lot of thinking, working hard on my new website (yay!)… Continue reading

Eggplant dip

Don’t you agree that eggplant dip sounds way more delicious than baba ganoush? Or maybe it’s just me, not being used to the word and having this unrealistic image of an amazing, extremely delicious eggplant… Continue reading

Carrot cake

Oh how I love baking days with my little sister. Talking about delicious things we want to make, finally choosing a recipe and start baking it together. We were both longing for carrot… Continue reading

Quinoa salad

This salad is amazing! I have been thinking about a quinoa salad with hazelnuts and pomegranate for ages! The combination of those ingredients seemed delicious to me. And here it is: a delicious,… Continue reading

Lemon bundt cake

Alright. Let me start by saying that I think this cake can taste better then it does now. I know that doesn’t sounds good, but I think you should know before going to… Continue reading

Blueberry pancakes

Mmm! What better way to start your weekend day than with blueberry pancakes for breakfast? I love to take my time to prepare something like this. Or another breakfast. Getting up early (not… Continue reading

Banana granola

Happy Valentines day! I hope you all have a day filled with love, kisses, hugs and cosiness inside? If not, I’m sending you virtual hugs all the way from my apartment in Amsterdam.… Continue reading

Raspberry-mint lemonade

How about a drink guys? This is the first serious recipe for a drink on this blog. A ‘sparkling’ ginger-raspberry-mint lemonade! To cool you down, to freshen you up or to quench your… Continue reading